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Massage Treatments

Different Massage for different bodies. Choose from the offerings below or create a custom session to suit your needs.

Ask about our Active Duty Military Discount.


Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue

Stronger pressure and friction is used to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue in order to release muscle adhesion and spasms. The massage will be tailored to specific dysfunction or pain you are experiencing.  Therapeutic massage is beneficial for many conditions as a supplement to regular care by your physician.

60 minute- 70.00

90 minute- 100.00

120 minute- 140.00

Swedish Massage

Swedish Relaxing Massage

This traditional relaxing full-body massage reduces stress and tension while increasing circulation and metabolism. Long firm strokes, kneading, and circular motions are used to alleviate muscle fatigue and soothe the entire body.
60 minute- 65.00
90 minute- 95.00


Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

Ashiatsu is a massage applied with the feet. It allows for a very deep pressure that is much less painful then standard techniques. The therapist will use a support bar system so the massage can be applied with one or both of her feet. It is ideal for larger clients, athletes, body builders and those who feel  like they can never get enough pressure. It is not advisable for pregnancy or post surgery (with in 6 weeks). More of the body is uncovered then in a typical massage. Because many of the strokes go from head to toe, it is ideal for the client to fully undress for their session. 
60 minutes- 75.00
90 minutes- 100.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone

Hot stones have a grounding effect on the body, expertly manipulated to revive fatigued muscles and balance the body. Combined with Swedish strokes, this rejuvenating treatment calms the mind and melts muscle tension away.
60 minute- 70.00
90 minute- 100.00


Head Hand and Foot

This 60 minute session focuses entirely on the head, hands and feet. It does however, include work in the forearms and calves, as these muscled directly effect the hands and feet. Firm pressure is used to relax the body and release tension as well as work out knots.
60 minutes- 65.00

Veteran Memorial Service

Hands For Heros

Are you a Military Veteran? If so, you qualify for a free massage! We give away 5 free massages per month as a thank you to our retired military. No gimmicks or hidden fees. These spaces fill up quickly and book out in advance so don't wait to make your appointment. For more information on Hands for heroes please visit

60 minutes- Free

Foot Soaks

Begin any treatment with a fragrant foot soak. Your feet will relax  in warm salt water; a special blend of epsom, sea salt and baking soda in addition to a mix herbs, customized to your needs.  Foot soaks will add an additional 10 minutes onto your massage time. 
Herbal/salt  Foot Soak-10.00
Salt Soak (plain) -5.00


The achy Foot soak


Relaxation Soak

This foot soak is a custom blend of willow, catnip, arnica and chamomile. It is designed to relieve and relax your feet, alleviate pain and help reduce swelling in the tissue. 

A combination of lavender, oats and coconut milk to relax the body and mind. This soak has an added benefit of leaving the feet silky soft.


I offer a variety of yoga classes and packages. Please dont hesitate to drop me a line if you dont see what you are looking for.

Therapeutic Yoga and Bodywork

These private sessions are tailored specifically to you.  Ideal for those suffering from chronic pain or working to over come injuries. Each session begins with Massage and bodywork targeted towards your ailment and is followed up with assisted stretching and a customized yoga session. Sessions start at 90 minutes. Repeat sessions are recommended.

Single Session- 100.00

3 session bundle- 285.00

6 class bundle- 560.00

Leg Injury

Private Instruction

In your home or on location. Classes are tailored to your individual needs and focus on bringing the body into balance as well as stretching and strengthening. Suitable for all levels and life stages. Various styles available

Private- 60.00
3 class bundle- 190.00
6 class bundle- 375.00
small group (up to 6)- 115.00 for all Bundles available

Woman in Lotus Pose

About Myself

My Story

Laura Howard is an RYT 500 Certified Yoga teacher, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NC #16805 and Herbalist. Through Private instruction, Workshops and Group classes, her goal is to address issues that arise when the body becomes unbalanced. With Yoga, massage and plant medicine, Laura aims to create treatments that both heal the body and help it reach its full potential. Classes are available for all levels and stages of life. Specialized sessions are available for pre/post-natal, athletes and those suffering from chronic pain or injury.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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